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Appearance, Type, Habitat, and Food Source

Luckily I realized I hadn't reused too many names and the ones I had were minor walk on characters who might not even have had a line of dialogue. But going forward I know this will be quite helpful for me. A paragraph or dialogue or whatever.

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I then save each character's "file" in the Book 2 file so I can not only remember what they look like, but can see into their traits and characteristics as well. Helps me keep them consistent through the series. These are great tips, Caroline! Great tips, Caroline. I have an index card for my main characters in this new series.

I'm forcing myself to slowly get more organized. Although I confess guilty to frantically skimming through a book for pertitent info I did not write down about a character or a place. I've just started a new series and I'm planning several books, so I'm world building. I've got the town drawn out on butcher paper, my bible etc.


Pretty much as you described yours. Yes, I've learned over the years that it's much easier to have that stuff handy. Great post!

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So glad to have you with us, Caroline. Great post.

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  • Ever since I realized I used the same surname in 2 different unrelated books, both in a geographic setting fairly close to eac other, I've kept a Master File of names. I create a bible for series too but have not drawn a map of the fictional town. Thanks for that tip.

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    Recently with a 13 story series I'm working on, I've started a color-coded Excel spreadsheet for characters to keep track of which book introduced them, how in that book introduced them, etc. I think what sets apart OK writers from exceptional writers is the attention to details.

    I've read countless books, and most fall in the OK list - they're not bad, just not rich enough to make me want to read again. World building is definitely lacking in the "OK books" type. A book series - the ones focusing on one Main Character from the beginning until the end, not the "each book focuses on different MC from the same world" type - makes great writers stand apart from the average ones. The more the story progresses, the more complex it becomes - and once a book is published, there's no turning back. The writer has to go on with the story the way it is. I just finished a series where the book 12 is bringing new light to elements from the book 1 that nobody paid attention to.

    Wow, just wow.

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    It was brilliant. Oh, I wish there were a Creative Writing course when I went to college Rereading it now, I can see how cranky this comment sounds Your post is brilliant and nailed part of the art of writing! Great post, Caroline! World building is my favorite part of writing.

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    And, as I write time travel and paranormal in series form, keeping track of characters and their physical environments is imperative. I also have favorite names or derivatives of names, so I must check myself. Nancy Werlock's Diary: Dear Diary,. Nancy Werlock's Diary. Pantheon Building.

    Nancy Werlock's Diary: Family Complications. The Doom Guardian.