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The Red Pen was extremely helpful in all matters relating to the application process. My lead consultant was especially helpful while I was deciding my college list, he helped me find colleges that would suit my personality and matched all my requirements. Along with my content specialist, he made sure my essays were also up to the mark while remaining true to me. The Red Pen team was always on call on and responded to all my doubts in a timely manner. I would like to thank them for helping me achieve my dreams.

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Applying for education abroad can be complicated, and I am grateful I had the professionals at The Red Pen for guidance. From ironing out the kinks in my resume and determining suitable universities, to polishing my Statement of Purpose, the team helped me find a narrative that helped me stand out from other applicants. I would definitely recommend The Red Pen to other prospective students. Thank you so much! I was only able to get up to the interview stage and could not convert any top schools in the first 2 years, despite having good work experience, a GMAT score of and an undergrad brand IIT Madras.

Another aspect that makes TRP unique is the approach of their lead consultants; they go beyond just editing and reviewing the essays we send. Garima was like my friend and mentor with whom I could bounce off any ideas pertaining to the interview or application process and take her inputs. Thank you TRP! Your window to news and perspectives on studying abroad and the international admissions processes.

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Sponsored by Wheaton College Massachusetts, Jio and The Next Genius Foundation, this challenge is perfect for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. For more information, click here. If you are a prospective undergraduate and postgraduate student who is interested in studying in the US, attend this free information session hosted by the US Consulate in Mumbai on Friday 10 September, Besides talking about the application process, this session will also cover the visa process.

To know more about the session, click. Participants will compete with other students from around the world and learn about finance, teamwork, strategy building and communication.

Related Posts:Careers I. Apply here before 10 October Are you heading to college soon and worried about what you are going to do for meals? Tarla Dalal Recipe Box is hosting three-hour hands-on cooking sessions on 11, 18 and 25 July for students aged 17 and above where your can learn basic cooking skills and important recipes. For more information, message Are you still wondering what to do over the summer break? Exsportise offers memorable experiences for students to practise their spoken English while also participating in an activity they love!

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Find out more here. Wondering what awaits you at college? To register, click here. Encouraging girls in grades 11 and 12 to develop confidence, resilience and flexibility, MHC Shakti is hosting a two-day programme in Mumbai on August.

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During this time, students will engage in activities that will help them develop their voice, build self-awareness and begin preparing for success while pursuing their aspirations in harmony with their. During these one-day sessions, students will take part in batting and bowling drills and exercises, while parents can learn more about the application. Acing Admissions can help students and their families answer important questions about education in the US…. This book is a definitive guide to US undergraduate college admissions, whether you are preparing as early as class 8 or you are in class 12 facing applications deadlines within months.

Let us know your goals and help you execute on your vision for the future. Contact us for more information. The AAD recommends taking frequent cool baths or showers following a sunburn.

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When you get out of the tub or shower, pat yourself dry but leave some water on your skin. Then apply a moisturizer to help trap the water in your skin and ease dryness. To give your bath even more soothing power, add ingredients such as oatmeal stir in about 1 cup or milk try 1 cup powdered milk. Stick to natural ingredients. Read about these 13 sunburn myths that are damaging your skin. Neutralize redness by using a primer with green undertones. A liquid formula might block pores and prevent skin from healing, while a powder foundation could accentuate flakes. For light coverage, try an all-natural mineral powder.

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We asked makeup artists to share more secrets. Dust on a setting powder to keep your burn concealed and your face shine-free. Here are 10 inexpensive beauty tricks only stylists know. Red lipstick, tinted eyeshadow, blush, and even clothing will accentuate your sunburn instead of neutralize it.

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If you want to know what makeup artists consider their secret weapons, we have the answers. Load up on foods with anti-inflammatory properties and high water content, such as yogurt and melon. Cantaloupe in particular is amazing for your skin. In addition to loading up on water-rich foods, drink a generous amount of water, the AAD advises.

This natural spray has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. If your burn has got you tossing and turning all night, spritz some on your bed sheets for a soothing scent, suggests Picou. Look for a brand without alcohol or preservatives; these ingredients can worsen the irritation.