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Contact and map Contact Media Directory Legal notice. Warwick University. Research project. Dates of stay. Research interests Old regime; Enlightenment; Revolutionary France; democratizations; rights and duties; liberalism and socio-economics justice. Doctoral school organized by P. Bastien, Paris IAS fellow. Date fin. The Politics of Financial and Moral Obligation. Workshop organized by C. Delalande and P. Rosental Sciences Po.

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Who Pays for Socioeconomic Rights? Baker, C. From Enlightenment to Revolution: Rethinking the Debate. Towards a History of Socioeconomic Rights. Critical Historical Studies.

Globalization and Global History

Contemporary period …. Western Europe. Trenchard, John, and Thomas Gordon. Edited and annotated by Ronald Hamowy. Liberty Fund, Then, identify one primary source in the collection that is of particular interest to you, so that you can request it in person during our visit to the Baker Library at Harvard Business School.

Kaiser, Thomas E. Neal, Larry. Smith, Adam. Library of Economics and Liberty.

Depending on whether you are more interested in political theory Stern or sociology and trade Erikson , read either of the following:. Stern, Philip J. Edited by Philip J. Stern and Carl Wennerlind. Erikson, Emily.

The French Revolution in Global Perspective made by Cornell University Press

Blackburn, Robin. Verso, Burnard, Trevor, and John Garrigus. Desan, Christine. Edited by David Fox and Wolfgang Ernst. Ferguson, E. The Currency Act of , the American Revolution. Mather, Cotton. Fichter, James R. Harvard University Press, Labaree, Benjamin W. Massachusetts Bicentennial Commission Publication, Review the Boston Tea Party page on the Massachusetts Historical Society website, and select one source for presentation to the seminar.

Bossenga, Gail. Edited by Thomas E. Kaiser and Dale K. Van Kley.


Stanford University Press, Kwass, Michael. Cornell University Press, Clay, Lauren R. Edited by David Andress.

Darnton, Robert. Norton and Company, Hunt, Lynn.

Working Papers, Cornell University, Department of Applied Economics and Management | IDEAS/RePEc

Desan, Suzanne. Taylor, George V. Maier, Pauline. Rothenberg, Winifred Barr.

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