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However, the price of a book is not calculated according to the amount of ink used in its production. For example, a Lulu book of blank pages costs an artist as much to produce as a book filled with text or large photographs. Furthermore, as the number of pages increases, the price of each page decreases. Illiterate people too became familiar with the Book as it was debated in every gathering. The thesis of the Book is simple but disturbing.

Within this hegemonic Region, power is monopolised by only three ethnic groups. The Book then gave detailed statistics about the hegemony of the Northern Region over the whole the county. Members of this Region also controlled all key positions in the country ranging from ministerial posts to heads of banks, developmental schemes, army, police, etc. Part Two of the Black Book did not appear until August Unlike Part One, this one joined the global world and appeared in a website Sudanjem.

Part two has less talk but more statistics. Altogether, there are more than Tables in it. As of last year March , some of the activists involved in the preparation of Book took arms against the government. To date, this war has resulted in , displaced, , refugees and no less than , fatalities. In translating the Book from Arabic, I did my best to remain faithful to the text. Passages that are of no value for the English reader have been eliminated. Retaining them in the text requires substantial explanation that lies beyond my role as a translator.

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To those who filled themselves of haughtiness, arrogance and feeling of superiority, wishing to silence our Black Book or elsewhere replace it with their White Book. To the Sudanese people who have endured oppression, injustice and tyranny. To the majority of the Sudanese people who still suffer marginalization of power and wealth. To those, who work for justice and equality with extreme honesty and self-denial. Introduction to Part 1. This book is not driven by narrow motives that seek to incriminate or blame certain circles in the country. Rather, it is a critical work that documents objective facts that are hard to overlook.

The pattern of injustice remained almost the same throughout, irrespective of the political orientation of incumbent government: secular, theocratic, dictatorial or —presumed- democratic. They all displayed blatant favouritism of one particular circle in the Sudan to detriment of all others. The favoured part of the Sudan attracted disproportionate attention, care, services and developmental resources from those successive governments.

That favoured part of the Sudan is the Northern Region where most of the ruling elite come from. For the purpose of this Book, we have divided the Sudan into five Regions:. In its blatant favouritism for the Northern Region, successive governments in the Sudan have systematically breached rights of its other citizens.

They deviated from the principle of treating all citizens as equal. They have accused others of racism, a crime that they have themselves practised every single day of their reign. Successive governments of the Sudan have thus lost their credibility and have, therefore, disqualified themselves in so far as support of the Sudanese citizens is concerned. In presenting this Book, we intend to shed light on this unfortunate reality and make it crystal clear for all. The new Millennium is now approaching, full of hope and optimism.

Due to its recent history, Sudan meets the new Millennium steeped in poverty, illiteracy, disease and lack of development. Despite, the Sudanese citizens are invited to rise to the challenge by appropriating the same powers which have so far crippled them. Let them do that in collaboration with other global citizens whose rulers have delivered and have prepared them for the new area.

Sudan lies between lines 14 and 38 Latitudes East, and 4 and 22 longitudes North of Equator. It occupies , square miles. The position of Sudan between these countries is source of wealth but equally of trouble. Sudan also touch the Red Sea with a shore that extends to km.

Sudan has three distinctive geographical zones. North of Latitude 16 is barren desert. Below Latitude 16 is a region rich in equatorial climate.

In between is a savannah belt that gets drier the further you move to the north. For the purpose of this document, we divide Sudan into five regions. Each of these Regions has its historical, cultural and administrative particularities. Furthermore, each Region consists of a number of provinces — see Table 1. Table 1. Populations of Sudan Regions. Blue Nile , Khartoum 8,, Equatorial 2,, Khartoum , the capital, which we include within the Central Region has a population of 3,, More than half of this population come from deprived Regions of the West and the South, primarily fleeing lack of development and war.

Natural Resources:. Sudan is rich in natural resources, particularly agriculture and forestry. It has no less than ,, acres suitable for agriculture. Only 16,, of that are currently under use. Agriculture is still dependent on rainfalls despite ample underground water.

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The economy of Sudan now rests on rain-fed agriculture. Major products include peanuts, hibiscus, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds and gum Arabic. Animal resources, like camels, sheep and cattle also feature in Sudan export economy. Recently, petrol and gold have been added to the export wealth while the country still awaits exploitation of other minerals like copper and natural gas.

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Administrative Division of the Country:. A recent constitutional Decree, , divided the Sudan into 26 States. These are then grouped into five Regions: three in the East, two in the north, five in the centre including the capital Khartoum , six in the west and ten in the south. Each State has its government and its legislative council.

If we exclude the south which is still a war zone, whatever development we can find in the country has been confined to the north, Khartoum , part of the Central Region and an even smaller part of the Eastern Region. The entire Western Region now lacks a single developmental scheme which could support one province for a single week. The oil refinery in Alobeid, Western Region is now classified as a national project.

As such, its proceeds are controlled by the central government in Khartoum.

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The oil wells at Abu Jabra and Maglad, also in the Western Region have also come under similar strategy. Employment of local people is confined to digging these wells.

All jobs from drivers and above are filled by labour imported from outside the area. Officers of the security personnel and most of their foot soldiers are carefully selected from one known ethnic category, so that not a single Dinar goes to those who do not deserve. Defining the state and its authority:. Scholars rarely agree on how to define the state. Nonetheless, a consensus occurs regarding its essence and constituents. Others like Degi stress the constituent elements of the state like territory, population and authority.

Gamal Albanna, another scholar in this field identifies five requirements for an Islamic state:. Koran, Albaqra Sura, Chapter X, verse mm. I also made it haram for all of you so never be unjust. In our modern understanding, a state must display the following:. The ruling authority must demonstrate its commitment to work for peace and for meeting basic needs of all within its domain.

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The authority must demonstrate its commitment to maintain sovereignty of land against foreign intruders; treat its citizen equally; afford them peace and protection; guarantee dignified life; spread freedom and dignity, and must enable its citizens to fully participate in conducting their public affairs.

All that is to take place within an environment that is conducive for participation of all without religious, ethnic, skin colour and gender discrimination. The state authority can not only implement that without commitment to its national laws that regulates and divides powers among different state organs. Most important here is the separation between state powers, and in particular the political, the judicial and the legislative.