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First we copied the entire BYU genre collection. Then we copied all the items in the accumulated genre piles [of USU items]. During the following years, William A. However, the materials submitted by students from the two universities began, of course, to differ from each other, as students generally collect the kinds of materials their professors talk about in class.

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He continued the folklore-collecting legacy that Austin Fife and William A. Wilson began. The format has changed somewhat over the years to reflect the trends in folkloristics. As stated above, many of the early submissions had little contextual data, and often limited, if any, informant data.

William A. Wilson created a collecting format that included: informant data, contextual data, and text item of folklore. Barre Toelken and Randy Williams added "texture" to the format of genre collections, allowing the collector to give "the feel" of the item to potential researchers. In in , students were asked to include release forms with their genre items, following a trend in the folklore field that addresses not only the item which in some cases, like a joke, may been seen as part of the public domain materials and therefore not needing a release but also the performance of the lore and therefore necessary for a release from the performer informant.

In , the collection was moved from hundreds of three-ringed binders to archival folders and boxes, making the collection more physically stable and easier to manage and use. In , the collection finding aids were encoded in HTML as a means of hosting them on-line for greater research accessibility. In , the finding aids were hosted in EAD. Most items include informant, context, text the folklore item , texture stylistic notation , and collector data.

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The materials reflect both insider esoteric and outsider exoteric views of a folk group and may be prejudiced or stereotyped. Forms one of nine subgroups in the Utah State University student genre collection, housed in the Fife Folklore Archives. Guide to folklore collecting assignments. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Utah State University Libraries, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright. Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

Wilson Folklore Archives. The materials in Group 4: Tales and Jokes cover the period from approximately to the present. The collection was created in by William A. Wilson and Barbara [Garrett] [Walker] Lloyd. Wilson and updated over the years by Fife Folklore Archives staff.

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Archives West. Search digital objects only.

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The collection is separated into nine groups: Group 1: customs foodways Group 2: belief Group 3: speech Group 4: tales and jokes Group 5: songs Group 6: games and pranks Group 7: legends: character, contemporary, etiological, human condition, supernatural non-religious and supernatural religious Group 8: material culture Group 9: e-lore: electronically transmitted folklore Xerox, facsimile and e-mail In the late s, folklore courses were first taught at USU by Professor Austin Fife. Arrangement Arrangement: topical. When grown, goes back to moon.

Flies to moon because husband unfaithful.

Marries a prince. Dwarfs hidden in girl's fingers. Meets and marries a prince. To prove himself, he has to get three golden hairs from giant. Lover goes looking for her, never to be seen again. Thinks they are her own. Folder 4. Baby misuses machine, so salt keeps coming.

Father throws box into ocean. Dog killed by bad man. Serpent then helped emperor gain sight. The winner is unable to catch wild horses later in life. Every year she wanders around trying to find the child. True identity is later identified as God.


She turned into bird with poison pin, but turned back when pin is removed. Man set free when king could not accomplish it. King allowed boy to stay and taught him how to make stoves. Fu Fu Fa Fo. Family reunion, who's my daddy? A doberman. Round room, tell him to go in a corner. Brain tumor. They have come to steal your land! Cougars chant. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Africans. Peter asks if a hunter got a deer before he can enter heaven. Tell her she's pegnant.

A wind tunnel. A fruit stand. Ben Gay. Got AIDS yet. If you can't read the sign, ask the blacksmith. Don't mess with an Asian and his math.

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Afro turf. In result, he turned into a toilet. Black man born black and die black, yet they called black colored. I'm a Chicago Ho". If you're a Pollack, let it out.

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They built a fence around North Dakota. Are there special places for Mormons to cross?

Archives West: USU student folklore genre collection of tales and jokes,

I don't have time to make you punch and cookies. Peter asks man who does not know a lot about Mormons if he would like to know more. Peter uses person's sin clock for fan. Peter finds out that they knew another person because they had suffered enough. George and move to hell". Peter determines who can enter heaven by their IQ.

Golden Kimball with Spencer W.