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by Farrar F. W. (Frederic William)

How amazing that when we seek God He will be found! Share with the Community. Need an account? Register Now.

Here is what others have said in the Deeper Life forum:. Tozer , a modern day prophet, was a key figure in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. His legacy reaches through time and has impacted countless millions. A prolific author and pastor, Tozer was known for his emphasis on the deeper life movement.

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His message, informed as it was by A. Simpson the founder of The Alliance, brought the missionary call to a massive audience. A series of his sermons are available as audio files. His books have been published around the world and in many languages. Is God calling you to service?

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Seekers After God

And when I visited with him and talked to him—I knew him in the days past—he was so restless, and so unhappy. And I asked him about it. Jesus was like that; other places and other towns and other synagogues, these people who need God [Mark ]. I just tried to describe a moment ago that wherever the Lord was there great throngs and multitudes pressed Him on every side [Mark ].

If He was by the sea, if He was in a house, if He was in a synagogue, if He was walking through the streets of a town, wherever the Lord was, vast multitudes thronged around Him. How did that leper get to Him? Well, it is very apparent, very apparent. And wherever that leper walked, there was an icy falling away, chilling circle around him; wherever he went.

He lived in the middle of that awful isolation. I can just see the crowd, the multitude gasp when the Lord put forth His hand, and touched him.

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It must have been half of the cure. That leper had forgotten what it felt like, the pressure, the warmth of a human hand. Blessed, blessed Savior. Everybody is searching for You. Everybody is seeking Thee. All men seek for Thee. Unknowingly they do. Near or far, all unknowing,. Pants for Thee each human breast. Human tears for Thee are flowing,.

Human hearts on Thee would rest. When Rudyard Kipling made that triumphal tour over America, when he came to San Francisco, he became desperately ill; so much so that they despaired of his life. And in the delirium of the far-famed poet, a nurse watching by his bed saw his lips move, and she put her ear down to hear what he whispered. And in my humble persuasion, the worldly seek after God.

They seemingly lack nothing. They are glamorous, they glitter and shine and sparkle, they dress beautifully, they drive luxurious cars, they live in fine homes, they are surrounded by admirers, their letters, their fan mail numbers thousands, and they have everything. That is everything but what the soul wants, and what the heart desires, and what life seeks.

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Unknown to them, and unrecognized by them, they also seek God. Drown themselves in their misery.

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When you go to these worldly entertainments, everything seems so glittering and so glamorous and so glorious. After the ball is over, after the dawn has come,. After the dance has ended, after the stars are gone. Many the hearts are aching, if we but knew them all. Many the hopes that have vanished after the ball.

Think a preacher wrote that song? Do you think an evangelist wrote that song? Do you think a choir leader wrote that song? Somebody who wrote that song was somebody who lived in that kind of an entertainment world; and he knew it, and its emptiness, and its sterility, and its vacuity. Pleasures are like poppies spread:.

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  • You seize the flower, and the bloom is shed. Or like Lord Byron, his famous poem on his thirty-sixth birthday:. My days are in the yellow leaf;. The flower and fruits of love are gone;. The worm, the canker, and the grief. Are mine alone! Imagine that, thirty-six years of age, the pampered idol of the whole civilized world, miserable; died soon after that.

    In my humble persuasion, the prodigal, and the backslider, and the weary, and the gone away are hungering after God. And upon a time, a minister in a church has been good to him, and has fed him, and has taken care of him; in his misery, and his hunger, and his want, and his poverty and need, this man of God is kind to him and feeds him. I gave it to him. And God used it. And as you know, the rest of the story is the story of one of the most vibrant characters in all fiction as Jean ValJean found himself in God:.

    Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter,. Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;.

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    Touched by a loving hand, wakened by kindness,. Write a customer review.

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