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Spoilers for the latest episodes lie beyond this point.

Father Faustus Blackwood became suddenly unhinged towards the end of season two, which all felt a bit bizarre. Either way, poisoning the coven and erecting a statue of himself are both the acts of a madman. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 ending saw the pair suiting up and wielding some rather impressive weaponry, set on saving Judas and Judith from their father and executing Blackwood in the process. Well, technically warlock hunters. Agatha and Dorcas were trying to kill Harvey and Tommy in the first season just for being descendents of witch hunters, after all.

Sabrina Final Attack at Lucifer,becomes Queen of Hell Nick Sacrifices Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Please exercise caution, Sabrina. Perhaps Father Blackwood really did have a hand in his death, or even Ambrose he was arrested for plotting to blow up the Vatican, remember.

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In the first season, Connor Kemper, a coven-less Warlock, turned up murdered in the Spellman mortuary. Luke seemed strangely calm at the funeral, didn't he? While we may never know what really happened to Connor, I suspect that Father Blackwood might have ordered Luke to kill him for his own nefarious reasons. Right at the end of the finale Lilith gave Sabrina her powers back, reverting her into a half-witch. However, after Sabrina was resurrected and developed those insanely powerful Witch 2.


Two birds with one stone, and all that. With the witching world being largely dismissive of mortals, these kids could be in hiding with their parents, perhaps even ignorant of the fact that they can do so much without one bit of Latin passing their lips. Edward and Diane pleaded for the Dark Lord to help them conceive a child, seemingly without the knowledge that involving him would turn Sabrina into the Herald of Hell. But did Edward know?

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Considering his immense knowledge of the Dark Lord and the history of the magical world he might have stumbled across the prophecy at some point. Besides, would he seriously think the Dark Lord was just helping him and his wife out of the goodness of his black, rotten heart? Need something new to binge?

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Why are the Weird Sisters so special? Will Lilith not be played by Michelle Gomez anymore? Why can Theo still see the ghost of his aunt Dorothea?

I hope that Harvey and Sabrina have a chance. I mean they're definitely end game in the comics. Yeah, their story is not quite done, I wouldn't say. While Sabrina in the '90s show dated quite a few guys after Harvey and before getting back together with Harvey, this Sabrina is not "a party animal," as Aguirre-Sacasa says, though "that may change in season two.

With Sabrina and Harvey taking a break, there could be room for Nick and Sabrina to give things a try. He's certainly more intrigued by her than he originally thought he'd be, and we saw a sort of look in his eyes at the end of the season. He's kind of caught off guard by her It's as if he's seeing her as a woman, and no longer this girl. Leatherwood says that Nick is "absolutely excited" about Sabrina embracing her witch-hood, but he's a little worried about the company she's keeping, "because he knows them.

Abigail Cowen promises love triangles.

6 questions we need answered in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 3

Lachlan Watson promises queerness. I think in season two, when Sabrina's spending a lot more time with the witch academy, we do start learning that witches have a very different point of view about sexuality and monogamy and being polyamorous and not being defined by labels," he says. That's going to be story that we tell. When last we saw Sabrina, she looked like she was a full blown member of the Weird Sisters, and while that scene was pretty grand and theatrical, that relationship is not as solid as it may have looked.

No, they're still probably going to be frenemies. Madam Satan might have gotten Sabrina to sign the book, but "she's got more work than she reckoned" when it comes to the newly platinum witch, says Michelle Gomez. Miranda Otto says she was surprised by Zelda's decision at the very end of the season to steal one of Father Blackwood's twins, protecting the unexpected baby girl from whatever fate might have befallen her in this extremely patriarchal society.

But I think she has just started to break free of Zelda's apron strings or chains and started to having a life of her own, and I think possibly she thinks oh, the next 18 years, Zelda bringing home the child and Hilda having to look after the child. So I don't think she's as excited as you might think.

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  8. When last we saw Ambrose, he was in the midst of both falling in love and getting his house arrest sentence reduced by Father Blackwood, so perhaps we might see him get to enjoy even more of the world outside the Spellman house in season two. Despite the fact that we ended the season with no answers about the murdered warlock or his poor iguana , Aguirre-Sacasa says the show has not forgotten about him.

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