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Inflected forms

Of refined tastes, including a penchant for blue china, being a thriving bachelor, he was able to gratify them.

He has men under him fitted for desperate enterprises; and he has always had a penchant for desperate work. Khajiit Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.

RELATED WORDS proclivity , taste , weakness , propensity , affinity , affection , predilection , tendency , predisposition , itch , yen , tilt , partiality , turn , bias , attachment , disposition , leaning , liking. The London Mercury, Vol. The definition and lessons for the word penchant were made available by the Power Vocabulary Builder.

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The Power Vocabulary Builder will help you develop a fuller, richer vocabulary 10 to times faster than any other program available. Visit the the Power Vocabulary Builder site right now to discover how you can get full access to this breakthrough program today! V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary. Ives had a penchant for musical experimentation. Examples of penchant.

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Editors more commonly targeted a less virile form of competition, women's putative penchant for conspicuous consumption. From Cambridge English Corpus.

In the s and s the penchant was for models of industrialisation, import substitution and programme to eliminate economic dependency. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Penchant in a sentence

Lacking words was irrelevant given a penchant for decisive action. For what they are worth, my penchants are more contradictory. His penchant for detail leads him to examine the various approaches from all angles. The new observatory provided a perfect opportunity for the exercise of his penchant for spectacular instrumentation. Yet, this rigidity was often blended with a buoyant flair and obvious penchant for the dramatic.

A Penchant for Pensions

His futuristic image combined with his penchant for the seemingly arcane form of opera presented a camp discourse that subverts any claim to privilege. All fathers have a penchant to give something to their daughters. The penchant for undemanding, trivial novels did not have to be satisfied by books alone. The language is lucid, but the author has a penchant for trying to do too many things in one sentence. At his worst, his penchant for hunting, card playing, and drinking makes him appear "idle, dissipated, and extravagant" An example might be humans' penchant to attribute intentionalities to the world around them, even in circumstances where such agency may be implausible.

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  • The arts were atrophying from an overly rationalist penchant for mere realistic description.