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It is one of the most important yet controversial problems in contemporary philosophy, coming in an array of forms from 'emotivism' and 'expressivism' to 'quasi-realism'. Its exponents include A.

Ayer, R. Hare, Simon Blackburn and Alan Gibbard. Noncognitivism in Ethics is an outstanding introduction to and assessment of this problem, paying special attention to the challenges and prospects facing noncognitivist ethical theories. Beginning with a helpful introduction to metaethics for those coming to noncognitivism for the first time, Mark Schroeder evaluates emotivism, one of non-cognitivism's earliest incarnations, contrasting it with another well-known noncognitivist view, prescriptivism.

Non-Cognitivism in Ethics

He explains the 'Frege-Geach' problem, the biggest challenge to any noncognitivist theory and returns to this classic problem throughout the book. New Zealand approach representation.


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    This article is about the book. For the concept, see unsolved problems in philosophy.

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    For the Russian magazine, see Problems of philosophy magazine. The Problems of Philosophy. Categories : books Books by Bertrand Russell. Namespaces Article Talk.

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