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Empowering The New Evangelists

How can interest and devotion to her today be so widespread? In this inspiring talk, renowned preacher and retreat master Fr.


Larry Richards illuminates how the true joy of Christmas is found in the greatest gift ever given — the gift of Jesus Christ to the whole world. With humor, compassion, and clarity, Fr. Larry gets to the heart of the true meaning of Christmas and helps us to better appreciate the immensity of God's love for us as His children. Scott Hahn - one of the most eminent Catholic theologians in our country today- reveals what scholars now know about the shepherds, the mysterious Magi, and King Herod. Your Advent journey will take on new meaning as you prepare your heart for the birth of our Lord.

This illuminating presentation is sure to help you grow in appreciation of the greatest gift ever given to mankind - Jesus Christ In this 4-talk set, Dr. Edmund Mazza makes sense of Scripture, Tradition, and history to reveal startling insights from an astounding array of serious sources in an engaging and entertaining way. Edmund Mazza is the rare university View book sampleFor the first time ever, we are excited to offer a Spanish language book that is not a translation of a previously released English title. This book was written in Spanish by a native speaker specifically for the Spanish-speaking world.

A wedding ring is something very special, and we normally wear it at all times because it signifies the most important things in our lives. It sym An Audio Drama About the First Christmas Children will enjoy this heart-warming dramatization that recounts the story of the first Christmas. A story of humble generosity. In this book written for children 10 and under, kids will have the chance to discover the magic of the generosity of Saint Nicholas. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's books, tapes, homilies, retreats, and television series have inspired countless souls all over the world.

This digitally-mastered presentation combines classic recordings of his timeless reflections on the meaning of the Incarnation of Jesus, mixed with Gregorian Chant and seasonal music. It is sure to become a family favorite! Originally an Anglican priest, Newman converted to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest and cardinal. Known for his beautiful prose and exultant preaching, Newman has long been a source of inspiration for those in the Church.

View Sample More than Candles and Calendars? John Paul II.


Vinny he Are Catholic teachings on Mary really biblical? Or are they the "traditions of men" View Sample Who are the true benefactors of the human race? Rebels against established authority? The Roman Catholic Church has long been the target of suspicion and hostility.

But how much of this is based on ignorance and prejudice and how much is the fruit of thoughtful consideration of the facts? This book separates fact from fiction. Without excusing or justifying wrongdoing, author Christopher Kaczor clarifies official Catholic teaching and demonstrates that much popular opinion about In this informative talk, Dr. Scott Hahn explores some of the most important beliefs that distinguish Christianity from Islam.

He explains that while both religions trace themselves back to Abraham, the differences, including our understanding of God as Father, are not insignificant. With charity, balance, and candor, Dr. Hahn shows us how Islam presents the most formidable challenge to Chris How can we evangelize an unbelieving world?


After hearing this talk, you will be empowered to conclusively demonstrate how unbelief leads to the destruction of morality, meaning, and even knowledge. As a former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn knows all too well the disputes between Catholic and non-Catholic Christians. In this series, he carefully examines the most widely held objections and explains how and why they have arisen.

Hahn's powerful presentations will not only show you how to use the Bible to defend the truths of Catholic teaching, but will also give you an invaluable too He recounts the sufferings and martyrdom that thousands of Catholics endured to defend their religious freedom during the Cristero War. In this presentation, Jeff explains four major wounds that exist as part of our human nature, and he equips his listener Matt Fradd is a highly sought-after Catholic speaker and apologist who speaks to over fifty thousand teens and young adults a year.

Matt is a gifted evangelist whose talks are the perfect balance between intellectual depth presented in an understandable fashion and an entertaining style that keeps audiences engaged throughout. Through his passionate and entertaining story, Matt relays how God's ex In one of his most focused talks to date, Stephen Ray discusses salvation, the authentic biblical understanding of being "born again", and how we are saved by faith, but not "faith alone".

With great humor and doctrinal depth, he goes all the way back to Abraham to show that we are saved by faith and obedience to all that Christ demands of us. In just six CDs, Dr. Scott Hahn empowers us to discover just why the Catholic view of reality is true for everybody, whether they realize it or not.

Hahn demonstrates the vital importance of liturgy as a pillar of the Catholic worldview, and shows us how to debunk the "demythologizers" of modernist Biblical interpretation. Hahn shows us why the authority of Sacred Scripture is not superior Ralph Martin, an internationally known Catholic leader and teacher, discusses the challenges and the joys of being fully faithful to all the Church proclaims as true. Ralph provides practical advice on how to build our lives on rock and equip ourselves spiritually so that we can reach out to others with true charity.

He shows how our fidelity to the Word of God will give us the strength to stand v In this popular work of apologetics, Mark Shea presents a lively and entertaining look at his conversion to Catholicism from Evangelicalism and his discovery of Christian Tradition.

What happened to St Joseph?

Now as a Catholic convert, he skillfully explains how and why Sacred Tradition occupies a central role in d For well over a hundred years now, many scholars have questioned the historical truth of the Gospels, claiming that they were originally anonymous. Others have even argued that Jesus of Nazareth did not think he was God and never claimed to be divine. He tackles head-on questions like: Were the four Gospels written anonymously?

Based on his powerful book, Allen Hunt shares the insights and details of his year journey into the Catholic Church. In , Allen stepped aside as pastor of a Methodist congregation that served more than 15, persons each week. He entered the Catholic Church in His daily talk radio show is heard by over half a million listeners and is syndicated on stations nationwide. Allen Hunt shares the insights and details of his year journey into the Catholic Church.

Today there is oftentimes a misconception of what the Sacrament of Confirmation is actually for or how it affects our lives. Brant Pitre invites us to better understand the tremendous graces and calling received through this sacrament. He points to various passages in scripture which provide a historical foundation and, through bold witness, challenges us to willingly surrender o Who created the Universe?

Is a creator even necessary? Can science explain how the Universe came into being without reference to a creator God? In this enlightening talk, Dr. Bergsma shows how our respect for the traditional canon of Scripture, as well as our understanding of the Catholic Faith, can be greatly enhanced by the Dead Sea Scrolls- the greatest arc Click here to read book sample.


Movies such as Risen and books such as Bill O'Reilly's Killing Jesus raise questions about what really happened to the crucified body of Jesus of Nazareth. Using a popular question-and-answer format, Carl Olson examines the historical evidence concerning Jesus's controversial fate. If so, what became of his body? Was it st What is the meaning of marriage? What conditions can make a marriage invalid?


Is a divorced Catholic allowed to receive Holy Communion? Why is it necessary to go through the annulment process before I can be remarried? The sacrament of marriage is one of the holiest things instituted by C Peter Kreeft provides a look at the nature of Heaven that offers all readers a refreshingly clear, theologically sound, and always fascinating glimpse of that "undiscovered country. There are over one billion Muslims in the world today.

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In many countries throughout the world, Muslims now outnumber Catholics. This booklet examines the historical background to the rise of Islam in seventh century Arabia and its subsequent expansion throughout the Middle East, North Africa and much of Asia, as well as answering the most important questions about Islamic belief and practice from Who were the early Church Fathers?

Why are they responsible for so many conversions to the Catholic Church today? In this unprecedented presentation on the early Church Fathers, Dr. Michael Barber masterfully explains the importance of their writings to better understand Sacred Scripture and Tradition. Let Dr. Barber acquaint or reacquaint you with your spiritual elders of Christ's One, Holy, Stephen Ray was raised in a devout, loving, Baptist family.

In this presentation, he shares his amazing conversion to Catholicism and explains why he is convinced it is the Church founded by Christ over years ago. Many have been taught the inaccurate history of the Church How odd is it that in an age where most knowledge is a click away, so many people continue to stubbornly hold stereotypical, incorrect ideas of the Crusades, Inquisition, and Reformation?

In this 3-CD set, Matthew Arnold offers a stimulating discourse aimed to dispel such erroneous hi It also offers a thorough treatment of each of the key divine attributes—unity, simplicity, eternity, omnipotence, omni Well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ's Paschal Sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of the Jewish Passover meal. He draws a symbolic parallel to the Last Supper and Christ's death on Calvary. Through his scholarly insights and important biblical connections, Mass will come alive for you as never before!

One of America's most prominent public intellectuals brings thirty-five years of experience in Washington and Rome to bear in analyzing the turbulence that characterizes world politics, American public life, and the Catholic Church in the early twenty-first century.