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What are we talking about when we are talking about gossip? First, gossip is different from venting. A person could vent about their own situation with little danger other than becoming a complainer. Gossip is about others.

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At its most general, gossip is talking about others. There are three forms this can take. We all know why: The good things are boring! This is the technical term for gossip. It is also continuing to talk about those faults or failings for the purpose of curiosity and not in order to offer help or assistance.

This unusual little term refers to lying about the faults of another in order to damage their reputation. It is clearly the worst, because malicious intent is always present and because it involves lying. Of course, there are other ways that we can hurt each other, but gossip is everywhere. Gossip always infects and corrupts. Talking about the faults or wounds of others causes dissension in families, kills lifelong friendships and breeds mistrust among peers. It is diabolical. And yet, gossip not only destroys relationships with each other, but also renders our relationship with God void.

To think that some of the worst culprits are those of us who go to church a lot!

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Also, he is about to start a company paid to Tweet under his name. That's a big shrug. The problem with TMZ on TV is that much of the talent giggling over the papp shots don't know much about history. One day the kids saw Liam Neeson walking with a guy they called "Ralph Feens. Then there was the time they cheerfully chatted about Roma Downey "coming to party" after she hadn't been out for a while. That party was at Mark Burnett's house.

This is all one great effort to make us think what they did was accidental. In other words, the gossip media treat us like idiots. Michael Jackson proved that to stay a star you got to have people gabbing about you. The fact that it quenches the thirst of Americans to read "dirt" is not the aim of the industry these days.

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This is simply a lot of collusion on the part of desperate grabbers-on. And now, as dessert, I would like to proffer examples of unreal gossip, or stories that effect nothing except to transport the famous: David Beckham Turning His Back on England : Great gossip and nothing based in fact.

All conclusions drawn from tenuous at best innuendo based completely on photographs. David Beckham is not turning his back on England. He is wearing a Yankees hat.

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The purpose of this particular nugget: print pictures of a mostly naked Becks. He gets more famous, TMZ sells more ads. Are you happy? Sure, some of the media still seems transfixed by Bubba's every breath but the Clintons aren't the media figures that they were even five years ago. So why is this here? First, you have to admit that it is a little bit surprising that these two do like each other enough to hold hands. Mostly it is a space filler. The Secretary of State and a former president do not need publicity.

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Not anymore. They're fine. The Tucker Max Movie Will Be Funny : First, let me assure you this movie will not make you laugh since he is all the adjectives for disgusting. This is perfect gossip because it says nothing AND draws a conclusion. There's no news yet it gets prominent placement. How's that work?

Ask the producer or director or star of a film whether that film is going to be good. The story probably withered on the vine. Gossip is as old as mankind. It is unrealistic to think we could free the workplace of gossip. That being said, there are some things that employers can do to minimize negative gossiping and rumormonger:. If you are the target of gossip you have two choices.

You can confront the source or make a public statement. Thankfully, gossip has a very short life span. Sometimes, the best thing to do is let it run its hopefully short course. Creating a stink sometimes causes more drama than just letting it go.

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Share on LinkedIn Tweet This! Share on Facebook. The Danger of Workplace Gossip. Gossip or idle chitchat? Gossip can hurt Gossip can have many adverse side effects on an organization. Gossip breaks down the trust level within the group, which results in employees second-guessing each other and ultimately running to the supervisor to clarify the directions or instructions, or to settle the differences that will arise. Gossipmongers want attention.

Lessons from the Qur'an Regarding Gossip and Backbiting

Walk away from the story. Take personal responsibility to act with integrity. Turn it around by saying something positive. If you notice one person who consistently makes trouble, take the necessary actions to have as little interaction with that person as possible. Keep your private life private. Remember, if they are gossiping about others, they will gossip about you, too.

Choose your friends wisely at work. Share information sparingly until you are sure that you have built up a level of trust. Also, close association with gossipers will give the perception that you are a gossiper.

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Be direct.