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Annika: A Romantic Thriller

It provided a ray of sunshine through the heaviness. The publishing house she works for gets bought out and she loses her job.

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And she stumbles upon some interesting stuff that might just change the course of her life. In an instant she finds herself blackmailed into being the fake girlfriend of a heartthrob celebrity and the rest is hilarious history. Summer Heacock injected the perfect amount of humor into this story. There were so many times I stumbled upon witty sentences that took me a second to process, but then made me chuckle uncontrollably. I thought the funny moments were infectious. The romance was cute and not too terribly predictable.

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Is the book super realistic? Maybe not so much. But I did feel like while I was reading, a rom com movie was playing in my head. I could totally see this being taken to the big screen. Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin. Out July 2nd! Pre-order from Amazon here! I just love Laura Griffin. I won a copy of Desperate Girls last year in a Goodreads giveaway the first book in this series and absolutely fell in love.

This cover speaks to me so much. But beyond the cover, the story itself is wonderful. Wolfe Security is enlisted to protect a private investigator whose life is in danger. But when they find themselves in the middle of a bloodbath where one of their own is killed, they must enlist the security group to provide protection from the unknown assassin.

But she has this way of keeping the story moving and keeping the reader reading with her storytelling abilities. The mysteries are always well thought out and keep me on my toes. But to top it all off, the romance is always icing on the cake for me. I will say that I think the romance had a little more sexual tension in Desperate Girls so I think I enjoyed that relationship a tad more.

But the relationship in Her Deadly Secrets was still steamy and enjoyable at the end of the day. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. The Proposal was a Reese Witherspoon pick from a few months back that finally dropped onto my shelf from the library after a while of waiting. Nik and her boyfriend go to a Dodgers baseball game where he after 5 months of dating proceeds to propose to her on the scoreboard in front of thousands of fans. She is mortified and embarrassingly declines his proposal. FYI — this is not a spoiler…. After her BF stomps away, Carlos and his sister strangers and fellow Dodger watchers feel awful for Nik as everybody stares in her direction and decide to save her.

The thing I enjoyed most about this book is that it was a love story that involved persons of color, which I have found is somewhat rare at least in the books that I have read lately. So I liked that Jasmine Guillory incorporated characters of multiple races and also tied in cultural elements from their backgrounds as well. It was a nice change of pace and added some flavor. The story overall is pretty simple. Boy meets girl.

Boy and girl fall in love. There is some climactic tension and a satisfying ending.

The Annika Bengtzon Series Books by Liza Marklund and Jill Tanner from Simon & Schuster

I cannot even tell you how many times I entered the Goodreads giveaways for this book and never won… haha! So I finally gave up and requested the audiobook from the library. This was such a fun, quirky, and beautiful love story.

Tracey Garvis Graves tells the story of Annika rhymes with Monica , a socially awkward college student who meets a boy named Jonathan in chess club. Jonathan opens her up to a world she never knew… of love… of intrigue… of acceptance. But with love comes tragedy that will rip the young lovers apart, forcing them down separate paths of independence. She may yet give us an iconic work. The Storyteller Speaks is a collection of short stories, and a couple of poems too, about life, love and death. This is the debut book of Annika Perry and she has certainly managed to write a lovely selection of very different stories.

Will the Mother finally rebel against the dictates of her husband and if she does where will it all end? The man on the flying trapeze is a rather interesting poem about a trapeze artist who finds himself in an accident situation. The format of the poem was rather unique with each stanza reading almost like a limerick.

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I did enjoy this very much. Smouldering Shame was another tale than fascinated me with its very likelihood in the set of circumstances. A tale of a woman whose life suddenly comes unraveled because of the secret activities of her husband. He is a man who cannot see the blessings in his life and, as many older men do, seeks more excitement in his retirement than is on offer in his home with rather disastrous consequences. A couple of the stories could definitely have continuations. I think the author may have quite a bit more to tell us about these characters.

I really enjoyed this book. I think Annika Perry has a lot of potential as a writer. But they all give out a light through the expressive language used by the author. Also, each narrator is different in these stories, and the point of view can be first person or third; Perry switches it up. Well done, Annika Perry! The Storyteller Speaks is a wonderful collection of short stories, flash fiction and poems that depict a wide range of events, characters and viewpoints.

At the centre of each is human relationships and the effect that a single event can often have on the course of a life. A full gamut of emotions is here, including love, grief, anger and redemption.

The stories are moving, uplifting, sometimes dark, sometimes amusing. This is a collection to savour and a book that fulfils its promise to win your heart. The sub-title of this book is no overstatement.

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I found the majority of the short stories fascinating and moving. Annika writes succinctly, engaging the reader from the outset. Scenes include a kitchen, a bedroom, a classroom, the inside of a car, even a prison cell. And she soon pulled me into each story with a turn of phrase that quite often injected a bit of suspense into the plot. Topics cover the whole gamut of human experiences.